The Global Responsibility Learning Library is a curated bank of practical learning that will help you to build your knowledge, apply your skills and develop your mindset. Click on the principles below to explore the relevant resources.

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How does the Compass help me attain or retain professional qualifications?

For engineers and technicians, you may be asking yourself how does the Global Responsibility Competency Compass specifically align to the requirements set out in UKSPEC. Learn where learning can be used as evidence to attain and retain professional engineering qualifications in the UK below.

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What you see in the Library today is only the beginning. If you have an idea of how we could evolve this space, or a suggestion for additional learning – we would love to hear from you. Please get in touch by emailing [email protected] with the subject “Learning Library”.

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How are resources selected?

The contents of the Library is selected based on their Quality and Practicality for use by often busy professionals based around the world. We are looking for interesting, active or interactive, ideally open source and real-world learning that is proven to deepen a specific competency of global responsibility. 

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