An advocate is a change agent and leads by example. Acts to constructively challenge established practices and behaviours that are unsustainable, unethical or unjust and works effectively with others to bring about positive change.

Relevant terms: Promotion, champion, circular approaches and economies, story-telling

Advocate programme, Engineers Without Borders UK

9 months | Online | Facilitated

The Advocate programme is designed to equip professionals with the skills and confidence required to shape company cultures, advocate for positive change, and influence decision making.

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Resources for positive impact, Make a Positive Impact

Online | Self-directed

This series of toolkits offer actionable steps for positive impact to empower changemakers to move towards regenerative practices.

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Life-centred design

Having knowledge in life-centred design enables you to adopt practices that prioritise all peoples, non-humans and the planet, and design ways for operating, maintaining and improving living systems.

Relevant terms: Contextual listening and learning, human-centred design, creativity, innovation, circular economy, inclusive design, sustainable web design, biomimicry, behavioural design

Co-design essentials course, AzuKo

16 hours | Facilitated

This 2-day intensive course provides an introduction to co-design. Participants will gain an understanding of key tools, methods and mindsets, as well as the ethical principles that underpin it. Register your interest to hear about upcoming dates.

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Overview of the Disruptive Design Method, UnSchool

1 hour | Online | Self-directed; Facilitated

The Disruptive Design Method is a three-part process of mining, landscaping and building to help you make change in the world around you. This free introductory class helps you understand the core concepts and discover how identify your own pre-established thinking, restructure the relevance, and then build new knowledge.

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Building resilience

Building resilience boosts the ability of self and others to withstand changes. You can design ways for projects to, over time, contribute to reducing vulnerabilities from changing socio-environmental contexts.

Relevant terms: Forecasting, disruption, change, creative exploration & future visioning, resilience, critical thinking

The global hub for resilience best practice, Resilience Shift

Online | Self-directed

The Resilience Shift is creating a movement to bridge the infrastructure systems gap, to create a safe, resilient and sustainable future for all, in a world that is full of disruptive forces. With their network of members, partners and collaborators, they inform and promote greater resilience through influencing policy, shaping practice and sharing learning, as a global hub for resilience best practice.

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