Events without tickets:
For events that are not ticketed, we regretfully cannot offer speaker fees due to our constrained budget. We acknowledge the invaluable contribution of our speakers and strive to ensure they do not incur any out-of-pocket expenses to attend our events. We, therefore, offer to cover reasonable travel expenses for our speakers.
Ticketed events:
In the case of ticketed (paid-for) events, we are open to negotiating speaker fees on a case-by-case basis. We understand that our speakers bring value to our events and their expertise deserves appropriate compensation. Factors such as the nature of the event, the expertise of the speaker, and our budgetary constraints will be taken into consideration during these discussions.
Exception for full-time students:

Recognising the unique financial challenges faced by full-time students, we make an exception for student speakers. Full-time students will receive payment of £75 for their contribution, alongside reimbursement for reasonable travel expenses incurred to attend our events, regardless of whether the event is ticketed or not.

Transparency and communication:

We are committed to maintaining open communication with our speakers regarding payment arrangements. Clear expectations regarding reimbursement for travel expenses or negotiated speaker fees will be communicated in advance to ensure mutual understanding.

Review and adaptation:

This speaker payment policy will be periodically reviewed to ensure its effectiveness and alignment with our organisational goals. Any necessary adaptations or updates will be made in consultation with relevant stakeholders.By adhering to this policy, Engineers Without Borders UK aims to uphold our commitment to fair treatment of speakers while responsibly managing our resources to fulfill our charitable mission.