The Reimagined Degree Map supports engineering departments to navigate the decisions that are urgently required to prepare students for 21st-century challenges.

Developed in response to conversations with hundreds of educators, students, professionals, deans, accrediting bodies and professional engineering institutions, the Reimagined Degree Map empowers decision-makers with the tools to facilitate real change.

Together with your team, work through carefully curated exercises to deepen your understanding of why sustainability, ethics and inclusion must be embedded in engineering education, and how to do it. The guide will help you to foster trust, generate ideas, cultivate relationships and shape a culture capable of meeting ambitious goals.

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“Engineers act in the service of society – as must the education systems which develop them. It’s time for engineering educators to rethink what and how they teach engineers of the future. Social, environmental, and nature-driven purpose must be as embedded and valued as technical expertise and economic purpose.”

Professor Sir Jim McDonald GBE FREng FRSE, President of The Royal Academy of Engineering

The Reimagined Degree Map is endorsed by...

“The Engineering Council endorses the use of the Reimagined Degree Map as a progressive interpretation of AHEP 4. This tool helps identify how teaching content and delivery needs to change to ensure effective learning outcomes on global responsibility for all engineering students.”

Engineering Council

"The Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE) endorses the Reimagined Degree Map. We recognise this innovative initiative as a significant and valuable contribution to the advancement of engineering education, particularly in shaping the landscape of UK degrees and aligning with accreditation requirements. The Reimagined Degree Map exemplifies a forward-thinking approach to engineering education, and we encourage universities to use this guide to prepare mechanical engineering students with the skills, perspectives, and ethical considerations necessary to navigate the multifaceted challenges of the 21st century."

Institution of Mechanical Engineers

"The Institute of Materials, Minerals & Mining (IOM3) endorses the Reimagined Degree Map. Educating the engineers of the future to understand digitalisation (including AI), EDI, ethics, sustainability and other related topics is key to enable them to make the necessary future contribution to society in the 21st century and beyond. Universities using this guide to prepare materials, minerals and mining engineers for the future demands of society will be at the forefront of thinking in this space.”

Institute of Materials, Minerals & Mining