Creative collaborator

A creative collaborator seeks opportunities for experimenting, partnership and collaboration at all levels and with a broad range of actors who represent a range of perspectives, worldviews, demographics, and expertise to accelerate progress and find inclusive, evidence-based solutions.

Relevant terms: Empathy, respect, openness, receptivity, self-awareness, teamwork, co-creating, relationship building

Responsible Tech Movement, All Tech is Human

Online | Self-directed

All Tech is Humans platform shares opportunities to co-create through multi-stakeholder convening and community building, multidisciplinary education, and diversifying the pipeline with more backgrounds and lived experiences.

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Designing with dignity, AzuKo

2 weeks | In-person | Facilitated

We’ll explore what community-led design really means, best practice, and tools for engagement. The course involves online pre-training and 2 weeks hands-on workshop in Bangladesh in summer 2024.

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Diversity, equity & social justice

Applying understanding of the definitions and relationships between diversity, equity and justice helps to nurture a true sense of belonging for all. You gain understanding of the power and necessity of inclusive approaches in shaping better project outcomes and cultural practices within engineering.

Relevant terms: Self-awareness, cultural/contextual awareness, equality impact assessments

Inclusive Engineering, Dawn Bonfield

Online | Self-directed

The platform shares tools and knowledge on Inclusive Engineering – the process of ensuring that engineering products and services are accessible and inclusive of all users, and are as free as possible from discrimination and bias, throughout their lifecycle.

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Linking Participation and Economic Advancement, Participedia

Online | Self-directed

This collection draws from the Institute of Development Studies research into economic alternatives that enable participation, focusing on grassroots initiatives where communities have meaningful agency, and projects linking government economic policymaking with citizens and civil society.

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Strategic Foresight, United Edge

4 weeks | Online | Facilitated

Foresight is a vital leadership skill, especially for social justice leaders driving change. This workshop emphasises the significance of futures thinking and strategic foresight for enhancing creativity, vision, decision-making, and strategy through the lens of a Justice-Based Approach. Learn key tools and connect with global futurists, humanitarian professionals, and justice advocates to transition from reactive to innovative, linear to multi-potential, conventional to emergent, and present-focused to intergenerational justice perspectives.

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A skill of facilitation helps you to respond to people’s right to participate in designing the world around them by using participatory methods. You listen actively, engage with (rather than talk at) people, and deal with the complexity of collating multiple insights to inform decisions.

Relevant terms: Multidisciplinary, communication, stakeholder engagement, co-design, co-creation

Effective Group Facilitation, Happy

8 hours | Online; In-person | Facilitated

Provides group facilitation training. This course will give you practical skills to get everyone participating and give you strategies to handle any difficult situations that may arise. You do not need any prior experience to join, however they also welcome people who have experience and would like to develop further.

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Leadership Courses, IDEOU

5 weeks – 4+ months | Online; In-person | Facilitated

A series of courses to tackle today’s complex challenges by navigating ambiguity, collaborating across diverse perspectives, and maintaining momentum with optimism. Also explore IDEOU’s courses in design thinking, Innovation, Leadership and Power Skills

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Facilitation Top Ten, Constructivist

Online | Self-directed

Facilitation needs consideration, guidance and perspective to support others – Constructivist share their top ten techniques for effective and inclusive facilitation.

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