We run design challenges to transform engineering education.

Our design challenges are building a new generation of creative, innovative and globally responsible engineers who will spread their expertise across the globe and find solutions to the biggest challenges of our time.

These design challenges, embedded in the curriculum, give university students the opportunity to learn and practice the ethical, environmental, social and cultural aspects of engineering design.

Students work on real-world problems without real-world pressures and risks. This gives them the skills, knowledge and experience needed to address global and local issues.

Engineering for People Design Challenge

Embedded in the engineering curriculum of 10,000 first and second year students, this challenge allows students to investigate and respond to real-world problems at an early stage in their education. It ensures that the human and social impact of engineering forms a foundation to their learning and that they develop the skills they need to operate and innovate in the complex global workplace.

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Figure sitting in building

Efficiency for Access Design Challenge

The Efficiency for Access Design Challenge is a global, multi-disciplinary competition that empowers teams of university students to help accelerate clean energy access.

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