To provide sustainable energy for all, we urgently need to enhance the efficiency and affordability of high performing appliances. The Challenge invites teams of university students to create affordable, high-performing off-grid appliances and supportive technologies.

By bringing together and inspiring students, the competition aims to foster innovation in the off-grid appliances sector. It also seeks to help address barriers that limit market expansion in this area. Furthermore, the Challenge seeks to forge beneficial partnerships between universities, researchers and industry partners at a global level. In this way, it will further strengthen academic capacity within the off-grid sector.

Efficiency for Access Design Challenge 2021 – 22
This year, students from 23 universities across Benin, India, Kenya, Lesotho, Mozambique, Nigeria, Pakistan, Senegal, Sweden, Uganda, the UK and Zimbabwe are taking part. Read the Challenge Brief and learn more here. Here is the schedule of webinars that will be presented this year.

Efficiency for Access Design Challenge 2020 – 21
Year Two of the Efficiency for Access Design Challenge saw 19 universities from Bangladesh, Ethiopia, India, Kenya, Nepal, Uganda and the UK participate.

Efficiency for Access Design Challenge 2019 – 20
78 students from nine universities in Bangladesh, Kenya, Uganda and the UK participated in the first year of the Challenge. The competition began in September 2019 and students submitted their final projects in April 2020. The winning teams were announced at the Efficiency for Access Design Challenge Grand Final, which took place on 25 June 2020. Six teams won gold, silver and bronze awards.

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