We are so excited to be starting a strategic, multi-year partnership with the new higher education provider, TEDI-London. The brainchild of three leading names in engineering education; Arizona State University, King’s College London and UNSW Sydney, were already working together to tackle global problems as part of the PLuS Alliance when they saw the need for more diverse, creative-thinking engineering students. TEDI-London was the answer.

Their vision is to transform engineering education to transform lives – both for students and the users of the products they design and make. Their mission is to attract and empower individuals and partners from diverse backgrounds and perspectives to develop the skills and confidence to create practical real-world solutions that advance how we live as a global community.

“We’re delighted to agree this multi-year partnership with Engineers Without Borders UK whose ambitions to transform the direction of engineering are akin to ours. Our partnership will afford our students’ multiple opportunities for real-life project-based experiences and help them understand the social impact of the decisions and designs they make – ensuring future engineers have the skills and creativity to respond to 21st Century challenges. As a partnership, we can lead innovation in engineering education and share our knowledge and understanding to challenge current education norms and influence others to share in our vision.

Professor Judy Raper, Dean & CEO, TEDI-London


Aims of partnership

Together we aim to transform the direction of engineering by transforming engineering education through:

  • Run project-based Designathon’s and Design Challenges in curriculum.
  • Co-create real-world educational resources and accelerate training of early-career academics.
  • Work with educators to provide a programme of support and facilitate volunteering opportunities for a broad and diverse group of people to shape the education of hundreds of students.
  • Build frameworks of key competencies required to produce globally responsible engineering. Work together to develop a culture that drives for globally responsible engineering as the norm.
  • Innovate and encourage collective action. Inspire the change in direction of engineering education by testing and piloting new ways of ensuring that graduates have the competencies and attributes required to be globally responsible. Showcase a new and innovative approach as part of the wider conversation on what is needed in engineering, and bring students into that conversation, and inspire others to commit to change.
  • Establish a University Chapter as a mechanism for student-led activities
  • Share our work, approach, and learnings broadly to influence a wider sector change.
  • Gather evidence from our partnership to track the success and failings of approaches that focus on how to take action on the need to develop socially responsible professions.

“This partnership presents us a unique opportunity to work with a completely new higher education provider, one that is project-based, progressive and pushing the boundaries of innovation within engineering education.

Together, through experimentation, we hope to demonstrate new and innovative approaches that really challenge how engineering education can best prepare world-class graduates who can truly respond to society’s needs and our future challenges. I am so pleased TEDI-London is an option for people to study at, as it has such potential to harness and develop creativity, a much needed skill in engineering.”

Emma Crichton CEng MICE, Head of Engineering, Engineers Without Borders UK


We are stronger together. Through strategic partnerships with organisations that share a commitment to ensuring a safe and just future for all, we can drive lasting and effective change. 

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City University of London

We are working with City University London to co-create real-world educational resources and accelerate training of early-career academics and to strengthen research on socially responsible STEM technologies and solutions.

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Royal Academy of Engineering

The Royal Academy of Engineering and Engineers Without Borders UK both recognise the urgent need to transform how we educate engineers to address the challenges of our age. Together, we are developing a visual tool to support universities to reimagine sustainability within degree courses.

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