We are pleased to be launching our first strategic university partnership with City University of London. Founded in 1894, the university has been at the forefront of a national initiative to embed social responsibility into the STEM professions, as well as the university itself, now ranked first in London and fifth in the country for its sustainable practices. It is committed to academic excellence for business and the professions, based in the heart of London’s design community, with a diverse and international student body. In 2016, City University of London began running the Engineering for People Design Challenge, since then, nearly 1,000 students across the engineering department have participated in the international education programme.

“I am delighted that our students are collaborating internationally and developing ideas to make a difference in the world. Thanks to Engineers Without Borders UK for helping our students to become change leaders. We have also redesigned our Engineering undergraduate programmes with Engineers Without Borders UK as a partner. This will make our programmes exciting and life-changing for our students. I am looking forward to expanding our partnership through the “Engineering for Society” module in the curriculum and including our international partners.”

Professor Rajkumar Roy, Executive Dean of City’s School of Science & Technology

Aims of partnership


You can now read about the impact of our first year partnering with City, University of London. The report highlights what we have achieved, including the strengths of our first year working together.

During our three year partnership with City University London, we will:

  • Run project-based Designathons and Design Challenges in the curriculum.
  • Co-create real-world educational resources and accelerate training of early-career academics.
  • Work with educators to provide a programme of support and facilitate volunteering opportunities for a broad and diverse group of people to shape the education of 3,000 students
  • To strengthen research on socially responsible STEM technologies and solutions
  • Re-establish a University Chapter as a mechanism for student-led activities
  • Share our work, approach, and learnings broadly to influence a wider sector change.
  • Gather evidence from our partnership to track the success and failings of approaches that focus on how to take action on the need to develop socially responsible professions.


“We’ve been working in universities since 2004, and it’s fantastic to be able to launch our strategic initiative with City, University of London. This is absolutely the type of collaboration we need to ensure that the workforce of tomorrow is prepared to creatively respond to our future challenges. Over the next three years, we will work together with the School of Engineering, Computer Science and Mathematics to design a broad, cohesive package of work, all aimed to inspire and nurture social responsibility considering the global perspective and produce world-class graduates. Through experimenting with various approaches, we hope to demonstrate the sheer power and potential of future STEM professionals to create inclusive solutions that work for us all.”

Emma Crichton, Head of Engineering, Engineers Without Borders UK

National symposium: Developing socially responsible STEM professionals




We are stronger together. Through strategic partnerships with organisations that share a commitment to ensuring a safe and just future for all, we can drive lasting and effective change. 

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Our multi-year partnership with new higher education provider TEDI-London aims to build frameworks of key competencies required to produce globally responsible engineering, work together to develop a culture that drives for globally responsible engineering as the norm and look for opportunities to innovate and encourage collective action.

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Anglo American Foundation

Anglo American Foundation are Engineers Without Borders UK’s longest serving supporter, having funded us since 2004. Thanks to Anglo American Foundation’s transformative support we have grown the Engineering for People Design Challenge to reach over 63,000 students, as well as launching the 2021 – 2030 strategy.

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