Founded by engineers in combination with marketers and journalists, Publitek is a B2B marketing communications agency that specialises in the deep tech space, with over 120 clients worldwide.

Global responsibility in engineering

Publitek works with engineering businesses in areas such as renewable energy and electric vehicles, where the management of power and maximising efficiency are vitally important. The agency facilitates the communication of these advanced technologies, helping clients to communicate with engineers working at the leading edge of sustainable, energy-efficient design and manufacturing.

Purpose of partnership

Publitek provide PR and communications support to Engineers Without Borders allowing us to amplify and reach further with our message of global responsibility.

“Working with deep tech businesses, we help support the communication and adoption of solutions that will help power sustainable technology. This means that we see clearly the role engineers have to play in securing a habitable future for our planet. Our work with Engineers Without Borders UK is an extension of this understanding. As we communicate with engineers via the media and other channels, we want to support a message of globally responsible engineering and help to highlight the power that the sector has to positively transform the lives of people across the planet.”

Simon Krelle, Managing Director



We are stronger together. Through strategic partnerships with organisations that share a commitment to ensuring a safe and just future for all, we can drive lasting and effective change. 

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Spirax Group

Spirax Group’s support has enabled Engineers Without Borders UK to deliver against our mission to radically transform the culture of engineering, providing Spirax Group’s staff, skills based volunteer opportunities including reviewing and judging for the Engineering for People Design Challenge.

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RS Group Plc

RS Group Plc supports the Engineering for People Design Challenge as both a sponsor as well as providing skills based volunteer opportunities for their staff who deliver storytelling masterclasses to the finalists.

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