RS Group Plc is a British-based distributor of industrial and electronics products that operates in 32 countries. The company offers around 500,000 products to over one million customers in the engineering industry,  which include semiconductors, interconnect, passives and electromechanical, automation and control, electrical, test and measurement, tools and consumables. The company works through seven different operating brands, including RS Components, RS Pro and DesignSpark.

Global responsibility in engineering

As a leading industry supplier,  RS Group Plc is committed to embedding ‘the triple bottom line’ to the way their business is run. This includes evaluating their own performance against social and environmental measures, alongside financial ones.  The RS Group Plc believe that this approach helps evaluate performance from a broader perspective, creating greater long-term business value and sustainability. Ultimately, by focusing beyond profitability and applying greater consideration to people and the planet, the RS Group Plc is taking a long-term strategic view of global responsibility within engineering.

“Our ESG aspiration at the RS Group Plc is to make amazing happen by inspiring a more sustainable world through education and innovative solutions that improve lives. The themes that run through our plan align perfectly with what Engineers Without Borders stands for and we’re delighted to enter into this partnership with them. We believe that through our support and participation in the Engineering For People Student Design Challenge globally, alongside other key programmes, that we can nurture the next generation of globally responsible engineering leaders together.”

Lindsley Ruth, CEO, RS Group Plc

Transforming Engineering Leaders

The RS Group Plc and Engineers Without Borders UK partnership is focused on developing leadership skills in students participating in the Engineering for People Design Challenge in both the UK and South Africa, as well as the students in our university Chapters. This development will be delivered through interactive training sessions during our national Designathon and to prepare students for the Grand Finals in the Engineering for People Design Challenge.

“RS Group Plc has a long history of nurturing engineering talent so we couldn’t be more pleased to have them as partners on the Engineering For People Design Challenge. The extensive educational initiatives supported by RS Group Plc is a reflection of their dedication to supporting and inspiring the next generation of engineers and an indication of our shared mission to engineer a better future for our planet and all the people who inhabit it.“

Jenny Munday, Head of Engagement

RS Group

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