Our Chapter aims to embed globally responsible engineering alongside what we learn in the lecture hall, connecting students across our university. We’re part of a movement that is passionate about creating change in engineering. Our members can attend trips, get involved with projects and support outreach activities.

our committee

Our Committee is comprised of several committed students who make sure the Chapter is as successful as possible. They facilitate a range of events such as panel discussions and debates with academics and members of industry.

  • President- Alastair White
  • Treasurer- James Preston
  • Secretary- Helen Meutermans

Our projects

This year we are running a variety of projects requiring a whole range of areas of expertise.

Gravity Light Project:
The gravity light project is an idea to supply lighting to disadvantaged or remote areas making it safer to walk the streets at night. It may be difficult and expensive to wire up mains electricity in these areas, but it is fairly easy to lift a mass. The gravity light works by the lifted mass falling slowly using a pulley system and motor powering a light for up to 12 minutes.

Precious Plastics:
The main goal of the precious plastic project will be to make a series of machines from which recycled plastic can be converted into various small objects.

Four machines will be built including a shredder, extrusion machine, injection machine, and a compression machine.

Rainwater Harvesting project:
It’s build stage! This year the Rain Water Harvesting Project aims to erect the primary structural frame of the rain water harvesting gazebo. This will be done out of sustainably sourced timber, which has already been delivered this summer so it’s going to be a great and busy year on-site at Endcliffe Crewe Flats. We are hoping to get plenty of people on board to help out on Wednesday afternoons!

get in touch

To get involved or to ask any questions please email [email protected]