Our Chapter aims to embed globally responsible engineering alongside what we learn in the lecture hall, connecting students across our university. We’re part of a movement that is passionate about creating change in engineering. Our members can attend trips, get involved with projects and support outreach activities.

our committee

Toni Mclaughlin – President
Holly Wilson – Vice President
Alan Hamilton – Secretary
Eve Mulholland – Treasurer
Ketsia Dikoko – Outreach Convenor
Jeanne Michalon – Networking Convenor
Jonny Christie – Social Convenor
Josh Edwardson – Technical Convenor
Robbie Crosby – Social Media Convenor
Ruby Winter – Social Media Convenor
Fiona Andrew – General Board Member
Patrick Casey – General Board Member
Mairéad Reid – General Board Member
Connie Rose – General Board Member
Alen Saju – General Board Member

Our plans

Toni Mclaughlin – President
“This year EWB Glasgow have a lot of goals and aims which we hope to achieve through Outreach, Networking, Socials and Technical divisions (find out more from the convenors themselves below). EWB Glasgow’s Outreach and Technical divisions are starting new projects this year both of which involve collaboration in terms of Outreach through the School of Education at the University of Glasgow and in terms of Technical through Glasgow
City Mission. I am so excited for the year ahead and cannot wait to see what we achieve as a committee striving to follow EWB UK’s new Strategy and make an impact in the community around the University of Glasgow.”

Ketsia Dikoko – Outreach Convenor
“I am extremely excited to be working as one the outreach convenor this term. This year, with the improvements of the restrictions, we will be able to do more in person outreach events. We would mainly be focusing on working in our collaboration alongside the school of education at the university in order to deliver various workshops and events at the different schools across the country. The different activities would be highlighting the different issues the world is currently facing with the unbalanced in power and water distribution in 3rd world countries. Hopefully through this, we would also be able to teach
the kids the importance in recycling and keeping our planet clean while making it a saver and greener place for the future generations to come. This would also give the students an idea on what engineering is based on as a career and hopefully arouse their interests for this potential career option. Although the workshops would be inclusive to all genders across the schools, we would mainly be focusing on educating girls on this new career prospect to
potentially increase the gender diversity across our field.”

Jeanne Michalon – Networking Convenor
“This year the EWB networking team has planned to organise a discussion series and a range of workshops. The discussion events will be animated by our team with two or three guest speakers from different backgrounds (academia, NGOs, industry, etc). The topics will be chosen by our members. We are hoping to put into relation an innovative technology and its impact, positive and negative, on the environment to create intriguing and engaging
debates. The workshops will look into helping our members to develop soft skills as a future engineer as well as an environmental activist. We are hoping to range from a classic CV workshop to a workshop on how to manage eco anxiety. Some of the events will be led by guests and others by our committee members. In order to reach out to the widest audience we will have events face-to-face on campus and online events.”

Jonny Christie – Social Convenor
“This year through our socials we are looking to bring our society members closer and make being a member of EWB Glasgow an enjoyable experience. We are making the socials inclusive for everyone whether it be completing them online for people not in Scotland to access, to having socials that do not include drinking to account for those who can’t due to a variety of reasons. An aim we have introduced this year to our plan for socials is including ones that make a difference environmentally, for example, a beach clean-up.”

Josh Edwardson – Technical Convenor
“EWB Glasgow’s technical projects are based around working with local charities. By first volunteering at these charities, we can gauge how we can help them in the near future, making use of the University’s labs and resources to aid these charities in the best way possible. The charities we hope to work closely with this year are Glasgow City Mission and Refuweegee. Recently I helped at Refuweegee, which send welcome packs and/or food, toiletry and entertainment packs to refugees who have recently come to stay in Glasgow. By getting involved with charities like these first-hand, we can observe how they operate and find what we can do to help.”

get in touch

To get involved or to ask any questions please email [email protected]