Our Chapter aims to embed globally responsible engineering alongside what we learn in the lecture hall, connecting students across our university. We’re part of a movement that is passionate about creating change in engineering. Our members can attend trips, get involved with projects and support outreach activities.

our committee

Toni Mclaughlin- President
Fareha Khan- Vice President
Alan Hamilton- Secretary
Isadora Durkin- Treasurer
Briony Crosby- Outreach Convenor
Eve Mulholland- Outreach Convenor
Kaitlyn Rodger- Networking Convenor
Holly Wilson- Networking Convenor
Andrew Carey- Social Convenor
Josh Edwardson- Social Media Convenor
Ethan Pottie- Social Media Convenor
Ruby Winter- Social Media Convenor
Patrick Casey- Website Crew
Robbie Crosby- Website Crew
Alen Saju- Website Crew
Rachita Dilip Sundaram- Website Crew
Jonny Christie- General Board Member
Ketsia Dikoko- General Board Member
Ruaridh McInnes- General Board Member
Lewis McLachlan- General Board Member

Our plans

“As one of our Chapter’s Outreach Convenors I am extremely enthusiastic at the chance of starting our journey and sharing our cause through inspiring the younger generation and teaching them about the importance of clean engineering. We have many things we wish to do but with restrictions in place we are limited with how far we can go. Our main plan this year is to host a ‘Design Challenge’ with young people where we ask them to design and create a robot using recycled materials adding a little paragraph on why their ‘robot’ thinks recycling is a good thing. Doing so teaches them the importance of recycling and the fun of being an engineer! Many other plans such as school visits are being planned behind the scenes with the intent to pursue when it’s safe to do so.” Eve Mulholland, Outreach Convenor

“This year the EWB Glasgow’s networking team plan to host our own chapter events as well as establish industry connections and form links with other EWB chapters which will allow us to collaborate and plan events together in the future. In October, our chapter will host a CV and Interview Skills Workshop which will encourage student development by giving members the chance to receive guidance and feedback from professionals. We will also host a discussion panel in November which will feature industry professionals answering questions on the impact COVID-19 has had on their companies. This discussion panel will be part of a set of events, with the other panel being hosted by EWB Cardiff. Near the end of the year we will begin our Climate Leadership scheme. This optional online training programme, which we will do in partnership with EWB Strathclyde, will allow members to educate themselves on the impacts of climate change whilst also gaining recognition of their achievement. Due to the current circumstances, our plans for second semester are not set in stone however we do hope to organise more events for this time. EWB Glasgow hope that the activities planned throughout the year help us develop as a new chapter while forming strong connections with the wider EWB UK community.” Holly Wilson, Networking Convenor

“My role as social convenor is mainly to encourage new members to join through fun and engaging events and help current members catch up and have a bit of fun. Due to current circumstances most of our events will have to be online as Government restrictions make it difficult to run these events in person. We will use a variety of platforms like Zoom or Teams, which will allow for things like quiz nights and other events. Our social events are also a great way for members to discuss thoughts and ideas to improve the society and also have interesting conversations about common interests relating to the environment and engineering.” Andrew Carey, Social Convenor

get in touch

To get involved or to ask any questions please email [email protected]