We are facing a climate emergency.

The response has been slow and we are now facing the likely possibility of catastrophic climate change.

The engineering community has a significant role to play in addressing this issue. It is vital that we take responsibility and use our skills and expertise to provide the leadership that is needed. Engineering is associated with half of the UK’s greenhouse gas emissions; 515m tonnes of CO2e a year*, presenting a huge opportunity to have a positive impact.

What you can do 

Engineers Without Borders UK wants to ensure that engineering serves all people and the planet better than every before. Taking action to address the climate emergency is a vital part of this.

During 20-27 September, global climate strikes will take place across the world. Young climate activists are highlighting the ongoing use of fossil fuels and the lack of policy in place to address sustainability and the future of our planet.**

During this time we challenge you to identify how you can create positive change through your engineering practice and take action:

  • Assess your own carbon footprint and look for ways to reduce your own personal impact.
  • Organise a discussion at your company to reflect on how your company operates and where it can reduce its footprint.
  • Work with colleagues to identify which decisions you make on engineering projects that could be different and could be climate positive.
  • Share your thoughts and ideas with us so that we can inspire others to take action.
  • Join our Twitter Q&A on Friday 27 September to engage in conversation with an industry leader and discuss the future of engineering.

Fill out the form below to notify us of your action. Big or small, we want to know what you are doing to ensure engineering serves all people and our planet better than ever before.

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