It is becoming ever more apparent that human activity is dictating the future of our planet. Business as usual will not suffice anymore. We need to rethink how we live on the planet, to alter the otherwise inevitable future.

Today the engineering profession is waking up to its responsibility.

The climate and biodiversity emergency declaration commits industry firms that operate all over the planet, to recognise the emergency that is happening. Together, they’re committing to changes in their practice to have a more positive impact on the world around us. Civil engineering firms are joining structural and building services firms in signing the emergency declaration.

Engineers Without Borders UK is proud to have long championed the social and environmental responsibility of engineers and put the issue of global responsibility at the heart of our mission. Today, we are proud to be supporting the professional declarations taking place in our industry and help increase uptake.

“As many have said, there is no doubt that we have passed the point where we can afford to sit on the fence and wait for others. We have no planet B and we have to ensure that the engineering community is serving all people and our planet better than ever before. This is not a choice if you believe in our collective long term future.”

Katie Cresswell-Maynard, chief executive

Sign the declaration:

The first professional declaration was created by 17 Stirling Prize winning architects at

As engineers, we have followed to create allied sites.

Structural engineering firms are now able to sign up to the climate emergency declaration on, a site created with the support of the Happold Foundation, a supporter of Engineers Without Borders UK.

Buildings services engineering firms can sign via

Civil engineering firms can sign via