What is the design challenge?

The Engineering for People Design Challenge is an annual challenge we run with universities worldwide. The challenge is an excellent opportunity for university students to have their design concepts critically assessed by industry professionals and academics.

The students are provided with a design brief, which highlights issues such as sanitation, waste, energy, water and the built environment (within a specific area). Once they have read this, they are encouraged to go away in their teams and develop practical solutions to combat the limitations of the area. The idea is to design concepts to help the residents of the land as much as possible, whilst being globally responsible. This year’s challenge is based in Cape York, Australia, an area known for extreme flooding and wildfires.

People’s Prize

In addition to the first place and the runners-up prize, we run the people’s prize as an opportunity for the general public to assess the student’s innovative designs, and vote on your favourite!

The designs and voting will be hosted on CrowdSolve. The voting will close at 14:00 (BST) on 17 June, be sure to cast your vote before the deadline!

Following this deadline, the winning team will be announced live at our Grand Finals event.

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