The Engineering for People Design Challenge is run in partnership between Engineers Without Borders South Africa, UK and USA, delivered across various countries, catering to a variety of term times. Sign in to the Design Challenge below which you are participating in.

You are part of the growing cohort of over 50,000 students worldwide who are learning about the importance of globally responsible engineering, through real-life design briefs. Please take time to explore the resources you have been provided including video interviews with individuals from the community and deep dives into specific challenge areas.

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In partnership

Centre for Appropriate Technology

The 2021/22 Engineering for People Design Challenge features the Cape York Peninsula in North Queensland, Australia. Delivered in collaboration with the Centre for Appropriate Technology an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander controlled not-for-profit organisation. Explore the content to understand the context and opportunities for improvement as identified by the people who live there, then, get designing!

Students from Cameroonian, South African, UK and US institutions.

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