We have been working hard over the last 18 months to develop a strategy with you, our community, that will guide us through some of the most pivotal years that will significantly impact the future of our planet.

Our new strategy describes how we will push global responsibility to the top of the engineering industry’s agenda, radically changing its culture and helping it meet the UN Sustainable Development Goals. By 2030 we will develop a movement of more than half a million people committed and skilled to deliver sustainable and equitable engineering. Our focus will be on reaching the tipping point where globally responsible engineering is at the heart of all engineering, at a time when it has a critical role in tackling social injustice and responding to environmental disaster.

Join us for our public launch on Wednesday 26 May at 17:00-18:00 (BST) where we will present:

  • How, together, we developed the strategy and how your input shaped the decisions made.
  • How the strategy will guide us to the deadline to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals in 2030.
  • How we’re laying the foundations to significantly grow our scale and impact.
  • How you can continue to play a crucial role in achieving the change we need to see in the sector.

Anyone is welcome to attend and we encourage you to share this launch event with your colleagues, friends, students and across your social media because together we can redefine the borders of engineering.

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