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Who we are

At Engineers Without Borders UK we recognise that engineering can play a critical role in enabling humanity and the planet to thrive.

Together with a movement of over 30 Engineers Without Borders organisations across the world, we are working to inspire and empower the engineering community to uncover their potential by committing to global responsibility. Our 2021-30 strategy sets out four key principles of global responsibility – responsible, purposeful, inclusive and regenerative – that we want to see embedded in the culture of how all engineering is taught and practised.

Examples of our work include the Engineering for People Design Challenge, which has supported over 70,000 undergraduate students across the world to understand their impact as engineers on both people and the planet. In March 2024, we reached another milestone in our work to transform engineering education with the launch of our Reimagined Degree Map – an interactive guide supporting engineering departments to navigate the decisions that are urgently required to prepare students for 21st-century challenges.

We are also transforming practice by working with professionals across the sector to develop their knowledge, skills and mindsets using the Global Responsibility Competency Compass. This innovative toolkit offers individuals, teams and companies a clear pathway to identify the strengths and gaps in the competencies needed to ensure projects deliver sustainable, equitable and ethical results, as well as access to practical learning resources to develop these.


Smart Manufacturing & Engineering Week | NEC Birmingham

Sponsorship opportunities


To learn more about our sponsorship opportunities, get in touch with us at [email protected].

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Sponsor our virtual experience programme

Our globally responsible virtual experience programme reaches over 6,500 individuals per year and is recommended by 225 universities and further education colleges. Support the expansion of this important programme and raise your profile with thousands of enthusiastic graduates.

We are looking for a maximum of three sponsors of £10K pa, or exclusive sponsorship from one company for £25K pa.

Help grow our Competency Compass

Our Global Responsibility Competency Compass, which has been endorsed by the UK’s Engineering Council, identifies the knowledge, skills and mindsets that engineers require to meet 21st century challenges. We are eager to find sponsorship to grow this important tool.

A one-off donation of £10K would allow us to create an online self-assessment tool for individuals. 

Support us to celebrate 20 years of impact

2024 marks 20 years since Engineers Without Borders UK became a registered charity. To mark this important milestone, we’re delivering a high-profile 12-month programme, highlighting our impact and inspiring change in the engineering community.

Expand your company’s reach by sponsoring the upcoming thought leadership events and media content, running up to March 2025. Exclusive sponsorship can be secured for £15k.

Sponsor the 2024 EWB Global Summit

The global Engineers Without Borders movement is coming together for the first time in 5 years in Malaysia in November to boost our joint efforts to put sustainability at the heart of engineering worldwide.

Sponsorship opportunities for this landmark event range from £5K to £20K. Every additional £5k will enable an EWB team from a low-income country to attend.

Partnering with us


Through strategic partnerships with organisations that share a commitment to ensuring a safe and just future for all, we can drive lasting and effective change. By partnering with us, together we could…

  • Collaborate on sponsorships for our dynamic Engineering for People Design Challenge, delivered at 46 universities worldwide and to 1 in 4 engineering students in the UK.
  • Elevate your company’s growth with our tailored Advocate Programme, balancing skillset evolution with sustainability commitments.
  • Inspire the next generation through professional-student mentoring opportunities. With 18,000+ student engagements yearly, your brand will gain exposure to future engineers – your potential employees, clients, and supply chain partners.

Why not get in touch to discuss what existing or bespoke partnership opportunities could enhance your organisation’s commitment to global responsibility?

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