The Engineering for People Design Challenge which is run in partnership with Engineers Without Borders South Africa, UK and the USA encourages university students to broaden their awareness of the social, environmental and economic implications of their engineering solutions. Taught through a project-based learning pedagogy, the initiative embeds a globally responsible awareness during a pivotal moment in the student’s career. Since launching in 2011, close to 50,000 students have participated from institutions in South Africa, UK, Ireland and the US.

Expert reviewers play a fundamental role in the success of this Design Challenge by providing students with invaluable insights through their feedback, helping to shape the next generation of globally responsible engineers.

“Knowing I could make a small contribution to today’s engineering students’ development was important to me. It’s great that they can be exposed to challenges of such complexity, which I think reflect the type of complex challenges that they’ll face in their career.”

Reveiwer, 2019/20

If you are interested in this opportunity we ask that you have experience working in one or more of the following areas: water; sanitation; energy; waste; built environment; transport; digital; or food. It is also essential that you have the ability to provide detailed, positive and constructive written feedback in English, (which will be supported through training provided). You will also need to be available for an hour per report, between 6 – 20 May to complete the review process. If you are unable to participate during these dates we will also be running the reviewer opportunity later in the year to cater to the Southern Hemisphere semester dates.

If you are interested in participating in this fantastic volunteer opportunity then please fill out this form. Soon after applying, you will receive a confirmation if your application has been accepted. There are a limited amount of spaces for this opportunity, but we try to cater to as many qualified applicants as possible. If you have qualified, you will receive an invite to a live webinar briefing where you will have the opportunity to learn more about the design brief and ask any questions you may have.

Apply to be a reviewer