We have partnered with Forage to design the Globally Responsible Engineering programme aimed at upskilling those within the engineering community on globally responsible practices.

The programme consists of four hypothetical tasks that explore the four principles of globally responsible engineering: responsible, purposeful, inclusive and regenerative.

The tasks will help you develop crucial skills in problem-solving, critical thinking and communication and unpack topics such as ethics, participatory and inclusive approaches and consider the role of the United Nations, Sustainable Development Goals in the context of engineering.

the detail

  • A 5-6 hour interactive simulation that introduces the key principles of globally responsible engineering
  • Free virtual work experience, self-paced and available 24/7
  • Designed for those entering or already part of the engineering sector
  • Upon completion of the programme, participants will get a certificate signed by our Chief executive that can be shared across social media and added to resumes.

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