The Student Champion role was created to amplify student voices as part of Engineers Without Borders UK’s 2021-2030 strategy. As a Student Champion, you’ll have the opportunity to represent student voices by providing valuable feedback on various activities, support events, facilitate workshops, and assist student Chapters across the UK.

We’re looking to recruit 1 to 3 Student Champions who are eager to contribute and make a difference.

What’s the commitment?

As a Student Champion, you will:

  • Attend monthly meetings: Participate in virtual meetings each month with the Student Champion team and staff lead.
  • Support events: Assist with relevant events and projects throughout the year.
  • Guide Chapters: Offer support and guidance to Chapters across the UK.
  • Be a connector: Bridge communication between Chapters and Engineers Without Borders UK.

Why become a Student Champion?

  • Drive change: Play a crucial role in supporting Engineers Without Borders UK to embed global responsibility in engineering education.
  • Gain insight: Learn more about the inner workings of Engineers Without Borders UK.
  • Join a dynamic network: Be part of a network of proactive students making a difference in engineering, and connect with a wide range of professionals (and future employers!).
  • Develop transferable skills: Enhance your leadership, team-working, and communication skills while shaping the Student Champion role.

How to apply

This position is open to any current Chapter members, whether you sit on a committee or not.

If this sounds like the opportunity for you, complete the application form by the end of August 2024. All applications will be reviewed by the Operations and Activities Coordinator and the current Student Champions.

Apply today!

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