Kicking off on Friday 3 April, we’ll be reflecting on what’s been happening in universities up and down the country over the past year and will give you the tools to plan for the next year. Join us for this online series to meet with others in the Engineers Without Borders UK community.

Save my spot

At Engineers Without Borders UK we take the health and safety of all people seriously. As part of doing this, we’ve reimagined our Inspiring Community Leaders event for student Chapters and Design Challenge academics.

The in-person training event that was planned for 3 April has now been transformed into an online series of interactive sessions. These sessions are aimed at those involved with Engineers Without Borders UK university educational programmes or Chapters, but sessions are open to anyone with an interest in these topics.

For academics

These sessions are aimed at academics who are involved in either of our Design Challenges or who are interested in finding out more about the educational programmes that Engineers Without Borders UK offer.

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Session 1: Friday 3 April, 15:00
An introduction to our Design Challenges
This is an opportunity to hear about Engineers Without Borders UK’s Design Challenges for students and learn how they connect to our wider purpose. This session will also delve into project based learning, a pedagogy which is at the core of our Design Challenges.

Session 2: Friday 3 April, 16:30
Celebrating achievements and looking to the future
We’ll be celebrating the incredible successes and reflecting on the past year. This will also be an opportunity for us to shape the Engineering for People Design Challenge moving forward as well as learn from our inspiring network of academics’ experiences in delivering and growing the Design Challenges.
This session is open to all academics who are involved in the delivery of one of our Design Challenges.

Session 3: Wednesday 8 April, 13:30
Discussion on delivery and a wider vision for engineering education
An opportunity to hear from our academic network about different delivery styles and overcoming challenges, as well as hearing the students perspective. There will be opportunities to drop into virtual rooms to delve into specifics on these topics.

Session 4: Wednesday 15 April, 13:30- 15:30
Shaping the Design Challenge and a look to the years ahead
We are excited for the future of our Design Challenges and to ensure that we are always moving in the right direction, we want to shape that future with your input at the centre of it. This is an opportunity to influence the Design Challenges for the years moving forwards, and to develop a long term action plan for delivering them.

This session we will also discuss what you want for your students’ education and what you would like them to say about it. We will also use this opportunity to present the student feedback from the information we have collected throughout the year.

For Chapters

If you’re a Chapter member, these sessions are for you! Join us and fellow Chapter members to reflect on the last year and learn about other ways to get involved with Engineers Without Borders UK.

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Session 1: Friday 3 April, 14:00
Celebrating your Chapter achievements, a reflection on the year so far
Let’s celebrate Chapter achievements! Come share your proudest accomplishments, trials and tribulations with your fellow Chapter community. You’ll have the opportunity to reflect on what you have accomplished this year and share what you have learnt with other Chapter members.
We will also be discussing the best methods to handover your Chapter activities to the next committee members.

Session 2: Wednesday April 8, 16:30
Next career steps: Pathways for the globally responsible engineer
We believe engineering should benefit all people and the planet, but what does this mean in the professional engineering world? We’ll be asking professionals how they practice global responsible engineering in their fields. This is your opportunity to ask questions and find out to stay involved with Engineers Without Borders UK after you graduate.

For new Chapter Members

Are you new to Chapters or a committee role? Or are you simply thinking of joining or starting a Chapter? This 3-part series will enable you to get your first insight into your role with Engineers Without Borders UK, so in September they are in the best position to plan for freshers and the year ahead. And overall, a perfect opportunity to share ideas and meet with like-minded students.

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Session 1: Friday 3 April, 15:30
Introduction to Chapters: Your role within the Engineers Without Borders UK movement
For prospective committee members, you’ll get your first insight into your role with Engineers Without Borders UK, so in September you are in the best position to plan for freshers and the year ahead. During the session, you’ll learn about the importance of Chapters in the Engineers Without Borders UK community. This also your opportunity to start planning for the next year and get input from other Chapters!

Session 2: Wednesday 15 April, 15:30-16:30 
Chapter Projects: Planning with purpose
Want to run a Chapter project next year? We’ll discuss how to design a project that can have maximum impact for your members. Together we’ll explore some of the elements that make up a good project and discuss what themes your projects could cover/focus on next year. If you’ve already started planning your next project, this is a great opportunity to share your ideas, get feedback from other Chapters and find areas to collaborate.

Session 3: Thursday 23 April, 15:00-16:00
The year ahead: Driving the vision forward
What does success mean for your Chapter and how can you achieve it? This is your opportunity as a Chapter to envision the change you want to create and learn the tools you’ll need to get there. Setting achievable goals will enable your Chapter to have an impact and meaningfully contribute to our common vision of the engineering profession at Engineers Without Borders UK. You’ll come out of this session with concrete objectives and next steps for the year ahead so you can hit the ground running.