These volunteers took on varied work with our partner organisations: Energy 4 ImpactKDILight Up the WorldPraktiSELCOUnited for Hope, SIBAT, and Sistema Biobolsa.

Our volunteers reflected on the personal and professional challenges they faced during their placements, and their original motivations and expectations and whether or not these had changed. Many of them said that they had increased their understanding of the places where they worked.

“I learnt a lot about how NGOs operate and the challenges faced with initiating a social enterprise. These dynamics are significant to have any impact and this insight will be one of the largest benefits of the placement.”

Junior fellow, Light Up the World

We also talked about next steps and how knowledge from these experiences could be used in their current and future roles.

“This experience has urged me to carry on pursuing a career in this field as I think there is so much that can be done by engineers!”

Junior fellow, Prakti

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