Engineers Without Borders UK members have the opportunity to contribute their voice to shape our future and influence the engineering sector to be more globally responsible. We are now inviting our members to contribute to a review of the Engineering Council’s revised Guidance on Risk.

The Guidance on Risk describes the role of professional engineers and technicians in dealing with risk, and their responsibilities to society. It lists six principles to guide and motivate professional engineers and technicians in identifying, assessing, managing and communicating about risk.

First published in 2011, this guidance has been reviewed by a Working Group comprising members from several Professional Engineering Institutions and Professional Affiliates, chaired by Engineering Council. A revised version has been drafted and Engineers Without Borders UK has been invited to provide a feedback on the guidance.

We want to hear your views, particularly on if you feel that consideration of risks relating to people and planet come across strongly enough.

This is your opportunity to help us shape our response and influence improvements in how risk is embedded into engineering practice. To provide your reflections on the proposed changes, read the revised Guidance on Risk and take the short survey below (estimated completion time of 20-30 minutes).

Please note the deadline to respond is 21 April 2021.

It is important to note, individual responses will be non-attributable; the collated responses will be attributed to Engineers Without Borders UK.

Complete the survey

Access the Engineering Council’s Guidance on Risk