And they’re off!
The Enginoars have begun their epic voyage, rowing 5000km unsupported across the Atlantic Ocean. If you’d like to track them on their journey, download the
YB Races app and search for Talisker Whiskey Atlantic Challenge 2022 – their location will update every 4 hours.

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Rowing reviewers
Enginoars Rufus and Tim were reviewers for the Engineering for People Design Challenge.

“Not only does the challenge provide a fantastic platform for students to familiarise themselves with a sustainable design brief, but it also provides them with a great avenue for feedback and guidance.”

Rufus, Enginoar

River Plastic capturer
Meanwhile, Enginoar Simen has been busy designing a plastic capture device for rivers in Indonesia with Engineers Without Borders Norway. Suboptimal waste management in Indonesia often leads to the build of plastic waste in rivers that ultimately gets transferred into the sea. By 2025, the total amount of plastic waste leaking into Indonesian oceans could increase to 800,000 tonnes. Working with local Engineers, the problem has been found to compound during the rainy season, with flash floods transferring plastic waste into rivers and eventually the sea. Enginoar Simen has been meeting weekly with an international team of engineers that have been working with locals to design a cheap and robust solution to this problem.  With stage one of the design process complete, they are now moving on to prototyping and testing!

The adventures of Thor
Following the first leg of the One Ocean expedition – Enginoar Thor, the first Engineer onboard the tall ship “The Stastraad Lehmkul” has made it safely across the Atlantic Ocean to the Caribbean. Part of a team of sailors, scientists and public speakers, Thor’s expedition has enabled the collection of rich scientific ocean data and facilitated ocean health meetings with multiple world leaders. During this time, Thor has been scouting the team’s route and spreading the news of the Enginoars campaign (even finding himself interviewed by Norwegian national news and radio).

Campaign preparation
The Enginoars have bought their Ocean rowing boat for the crossing! With its delivery expected in March, the team have been working tirelessly to secure sponsorship for its payment (upon completion of the race they have set up a plan to sell the boat and donate proceeds to Engineers Without Borders).  Following its arrival comes the fun part – with most of the team based in Norway, they have planned to get acquainted with their boat and the skill of Ocean rowing by exploring the magnificent Norwegian Fjords. Using the cool, calm waters as a set of training wheels, they are looking to become better acquainted with life onboard as well as the gruelling rowing shifts of two hours on two hours off.  As the team progress, they will have to complete multiple safety courses and a mandatory 120-hour row – a warm-up for the Atlantic crossing.  o complete this the Enginoars are planning to go international – crossing the North Sea between Norway and Denmark.

To learn more and keep up to date with the team’s progress, explore the Enginoars websiteGo Fund Me page or follow them on FacebookInstagram and YouTube.