Every year the Engineering for People Design Challenge design brief is developed in collaboration with a community partner to ensure a holistic view of the community being presented. This year’s partner is Govan Community Project a community-based organisation working in south-west Glasgow to achieve social justice in the Greater Govan area by building a strong community based on equality, mutual respect, support, and integration. They were founded as a community response to the needs of people seeking asylum in Glasgow. Today they support the communities in the Greater Govan area and refugees and people seeking asylum all over Glasgow.

The competition brief considers the engineering challenges and opportunities found in Govan, an area with a rich history, heritage and physical landscape situated on the waterfront of the River Clyde in the south-west of Glasgow, Scotland.

 “Students will have the opportunity to learn about how the historical significance of shipbuilding has shaped Govan today, the experiences of refugees and people seeking asylum within the Govan community and the importance and strength of community to people living in the Govan area. Opportunities for developments in and around Govan open up aspirations for environmental resilience and economical and societal regeneration.”

Traci Kirkland, Head of Govan Community Project

Delivered in partnership between Engineers Without Borders South Africa and Engineers Without Borders UK, the Design Challenge has reached over 60,000 undergraduate students across Cameroon, South Africa, UK, Ireland and the USA to date. The 2022/23 Challenge will be delivered to over 40 institutions in Cameroon, Ireland, South Africa, UK, and USA.

Educators from each institution will review their students’ submissions with the top five from each university going forward to be judged by industry volunteers. The top teams will then be invited to present their solutions at the Grand Finals in a bid to win the Grand Prize of an educational bursary. The runner-up and the People’s Prize winners will also receive an educational bursary to share between them.

“By investigating the different Challenge Areas, students will be encouraged to consider the impacts of de-industrialisation, physical and economic decline, ongoing social issues and the challenges of integration for those arriving in Govan from around the world. All while noting the link between engineering design and supporting people’s ability to thrive, celebrate diversity and be an active part of their community.”

Emma Crichton, Head of Engineering, Engineers Without Borders UK

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