Building Community Leaders; that is exactly what we intend to do during our virtual training series running throughout August. The series, which is designed for active Chapter committee members and the academics who run our Design Challenges internationally, will provide tailored training and workshops which will enhance understanding of the Engineers Without Borders UK mission and movement, and support preparation for the upcoming academic year.

As we look ahead to a year that will be like no other, we will not only be using the training sessions to cover the imperative topics such as who we are, our history and the importance of globally responsible engineering, we will also be providing training which  reflect the current climate, focusing on how to deliver our programmes and Chapter activities on virtual platforms in an engaging way.

In addition to catering to practical adjustments, as a result of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, we will also be taking a step back to consider it’s impact in the context of globally responsible engineering. The theme of globally responsible engineering will also be central to our panel discussion, where we will be considering the role of engineers in the development sector, with specific focus given to power dynamics and the history of the industry at large.

We look forward to welcoming new Chapter members from around the country, taking the opportunity to delve into specific roles within the committee, focusing on skills such as presenting, fundraising and marketing. We will also use the opportunity to provide Chapter committee members with a plan for the year ahead, helping shape their upcoming projects and activities, ensuring the message of globally responsible engineering is embedded from September onwards.

Academics can not only expect to attend some of the sessions described above, but can also look forward to taking part in sessions which will help prepare them to deliver the Design Challenge in the coming year. Attendees will be exposed to a network of passionate academics who are working through similar challenges in transforming traditional teaching approaches to remote delivery. Although sometimes challenging, our new virtual reality also offers space for innovation and we will be discussing this in depth, as well as taking a specific look at the future of how we deliver engineering education.

We cannot wait to meet the individuals who will be joining, or continuing to be part of a movement which strives to engage and galvanise the engineering community, to serve all people and the planet better than ever before.

If you are an academic delivering one of our 2020/21 Design Challengs or a Chapter member who will be active during 2020/21, please sign up to attend the Building Community Leaders virtual training series here

What will be covered?

We are running sessions for both Chapter committee members and Chapter members as well as academics. Some sessions will be for all attendees and some will be separate.