About this Event

During this meeting, we will present our charitable achievements and financial reports for 2020-21, and will also close the vote for your two new member elected trustees and on the amendments to our Articles of Association.

We have proposed an update to our Articles of Association to ensure that they continue to best serve the organisation now and in the future. As a member of Engineers Without Borders UK you have the unique ability to vote on these amendments and make your voice heard.

To learn about the proposed changes and vote, please use this electronic form. You have the option to ‘accept all changes’. Alternatively, if you approve of one change and not the other, you have the option to indicate which change you do/do not approve of on the electronic form.

All Engineers Without Borders UK members have the opportunity to vote on these amendments by proxy using the electronic form in advance of the AGM. Your vote will be counted even if you do not attend the meeting. Before voting on the proposed amendments you are encouraged to read through the current Articles of Association.

During this event, we will also be closing the opportunity to vote for your new member elected trustees. The member vote will open during the week commencing 8 November.

Following the AGM we will be hosting the fourth panel event in our Constructive Conversations series, covering the regenerative principle. During the event, we will be hearing from a diverse group of panellists who will discuss the realities of embedding this principle in practice and the lessons they have learned so far in their careers.

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Key information

Wednesday 17 November
16:45 – 17:15 (GMT)
Find the full agenda here.