The global challenges we face have no borders.

Engineers must play a fundamental role in designing solutions that will ensure humanity and the planet thrive. To achieve this, we are inspiring and upskilling individuals and organisations to put global responsibility at the heart of engineering.

Celebrating 20 years ofimpact!


Engineers Without Borders UK is proud to be celebrating two decades of transforming engineering education and practice, to ensure a safe and just future for all.


We encourage lifelong, meaningful commitment to globally responsible engineering.


We want to help students, educators, engineers and all in and around engineering to recognise the crucial role they play in challenging current practice and creating positive change.

We equip the engineering community with the skills and expertise to be globally responsible.


Our strategy sets an ambitious target to upskill 250,000 people in the engineering community, deepening their competency and confidence in creating sustainable and equitable outcomes.

We collaborate with organisations to enable globally responsible engineering to become mainstream.

Drive Change

Our strategy isn’t just about educating individuals, but companies and organisations, too. They, after all, are the ones who make the critical decisions and shape industry cultures and standards.

Whether you are an engineer, educator, university student, or involved with engineering in any way, we want and need you to be a part of this movement for change.


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By 2030 we will build a movement powerful enough to radically transform the culture of engineering.

Our principles of global responsibility are driving the practices required to ensure a safe and just future for all.

Latest news and events

The latest developments in globally responsible engineering. Opinions, events, and updates on our work.

From monologue to dialogue

NewsJune 3, 2024

How can a shift from traditional public speaking to interactive facilitation transform learning and collaboration in engineering?

NewsJune 3, 2024

Advocacy: Challenging the status quo

NewsMay 1, 2024

In a recent panel discussion, Georgia Elliott-Smith, Yewande Akinola and Verel Rodrigues shed light on the pivotal role of advocates for driving change in and beyond the engineering sector.

NewsMay 1, 2024

Launching the Reimagined Degree Map

NewsMarch 20, 2024

On Monday 18 March, Engineers Without Borders UK launched the Reimagined Degree Map – an interactive guide, co-created with the Royal Academy of Engineering, to support engineering departments to navigate the decisions that are urgently required to prepare students for 21st-century challenges.

NewsMarch 20, 2024

Reshaping Engineering 2024: Winners announced

NewsMarch 11, 2024

Explore the innovative solutions developed by the winning teams of Reshaping Engineering 2024.

NewsMarch 11, 2024

Explore the stories of those who are inspiring change across the sector.

Junior engineers shouldn’t get stuck in specialties. The more you absorb from other related disciplines, the more responsible you can be as you understand the impact of your work.

Jonathan Fashanu, Founder of DASH

Engineers Without Borders UK are always driving students to think globally and consider that it’s not just the immediate, physical infrastructure that needs to be factored in – but the ongoing life of a project to the people and places it serves.

Milly Hennayake, Chartered Civil Engineer at Arup

Engineering education currently doesn’t equip students with the skills they need to engage successfully with communities impacted by projects – technical competency isn’t enough.

Jon Samuel, Head of Responsible Business Partnerships for Anglo American

Working with Engineers Without Borders UK really reinforced the need to have engineers that are trained to understand that the decisions they are making and the things that they are doing impact the planet.

Dr Sarah Peers, Group Head of Sustainability at Spirax-Sarco

Engineers Without Borders UK brought me into contact with people from many different disciplines. This exposed me to viewpoints outside the narrow sphere of my engineering degree, which was invaluable.

Isha Kulkarni, Senior Associate at RMI India

I think we also have a need and a responsibility to be able to work, understand and appreciate other disciplines and voices...

Joe Mulligan, Executive Director KDI

We know we only have one planet, as engineers we are really well placed to make some of these decisions that will reduce the social and environmental impacts of what we're doing.

Ruvan Mendis, Chief Operations Officer at HuelChief Operations Officer at Huel

I believe engineers have the potential to provide solutions to global challenges we face today.

Maryam Lamere, Lecturer and Doctoral Researcher at University West of England

We need engineers who consider their impact, who consider the global dimension and make careful choices about what they work on and how they deliver that to create long term sustainable solutaitons.

Sakthy Selvakumaran, Founder and CEO BKwai

I believe that you need to bring your ‘whole self’ to work to reach your potential, and real diversity comes from true inclusion.

Georgia Thompson, Civil Engineer and founder of D-vers-ty

I had a penny dropping moment when I realised I can use the maths and science side of my brain and the creative, artistic side of my brain and I can do something positive for the planet- I can be an engineer.

Katie Cresswell-Maynard, Executive Director of Engineers Without Borders International

Globally responsible engineering is so important- it's up to engineers to come up with the solutions of tomorrow and we need to do it today.

Navjot Sawhney, Founder of The Washing Machine Project