PLEASE NOTE: The EWB-UK Research programme is currently on hold while we undertake a comprehensive review.
Over the past three years the Research Team have supported around 250 research projects, involving around 420 individuals, 28 partner organisations, 56 different academic institutions, a small team of volunteers and one staff member. We think that's pretty good!
New project brief--structural analysis of bamboo bicycle frames (2 May 2015):  The Ghana Bamboo Bikes Initiative would like to support researchers interested in undertaking structural analysis of bamboo bike frames to recommend design improvements--please have a look at their research brief and contact us if you'd like to help. 
New project brief--GravityLight Radio (7 March 2015):  EWB-UK is partnering with the GravityLight Foundation to sponsor a research brief for providing a radio connection to its GravityLight--if you're interested in electrical engineering and want to help people gain access to light and radio without connecting to the grid or spending money on batteries, please have a look!
CARE International briefs ready for download (21 October 2014):  We have agreed on two research briefs for CARE International's Shelter Team, investigation of hurricane-resistant non-engineered timber structures and solar lamps.  Please contact the research team if you would like to work on either of these briefs.
New projects available shortly (29 September 2014):  We're working on briefs for between three and five projects with our partner CARE International, involving structures that can withstand natural disasters.  If  this sounds interesting and you need to decide on a project this week, please contact Carolyn or Si Joe for more details.
We're starting a blog!  (27 September 2014):  The Research Team has created a new blog site, on which we'll post news about current and completed research--watch this space!
The Plastic Economy (1 September 2014):  Our new partner The Plastic Economy, developing technologies for small-scale local plastic recycling plants, has created two research briefs, for assessing renewable energy sources and considering the feasibility of CHP generation.  If you might be interested in this project please have a look at the briefs, linked under Find an Idea for Your Research Project below, and get in touch to request the brief documents and ask any questions you might have.  Update 2 November:  These projects have now been taken up and are no longer available at this time for prospective researchers.
WASH Gap Analysis--sources of project briefs (4 June 2014):  Last year the Humanitarian Innovation Fund published a WASH Gap Analysis which included a list of the 12 most significant research priorities in the sector.  The Research Team would be happy to work with any students or academic organisations who would be interested in creating briefs for student projects that address the priorities on this list--please contact us if you're interested.
Call for reviewers (4 June 2014):  In addition to the research material already available on EWB-UK's ScribD account, the Research Team have several years' worth of work provided by students and EWB-UK associates including conference papers, articles, presentations and posters; one of our short-term tasks is to make this work available and accessible to other researchers, NGOs and others working in international development, and the public.  We'd like some volunteers with area knowledge and expertise to review these documents before we post them under the EWB-UK banner--if you're interested in volunteering as a reviewer contact the Research Team, and let us know your Community of Practice/area of interest or expertise.

The Research Programme achieves EWB-UK's aims by supporting students studying at academic institutions to link up with international development organisations to undertake research at on their behalf.


In Brief

The EWB-UK Research Programme enables the research skills of our volunteers – and hence the facilities of the institutions they study at – to be accessed by development organisations. In turn, this allows students to undertake research projects that are useful, exciting and relevant for their academic degrees.

More about the Research Programme....

Find an idea for your Research Project

We have a number of briefs ready for motivated students to tailor to their academic needs. As a student, you can apply for these and we will choose the most suitable student. It is all about us giving the most support as possible to our research student, creating meaningful and high impact, high quality research.

Structural analysis of bamboo bicycle frames

Research brief to help the Ghana Bamboo Bikes Initiative improve bamboo bicycle frames.

GravityLight radio connection

Research brief to help the Gravitylight Foundation develop a radio connection for its GravityLight.

CARE shelter research

Two research briefs for CARE International's Shelter Team are currently available--investigation of hurricane-resistant non-engineered timber structures and solar lamps

WASH Gap Analysis

Last year the Humanitarian Innovation Fund published a WASH Gap Analysis which included a list of the 12 most significant research priorities in the sector.  The Research Team would be happy to work with any students or academic organisations who would be interested in creating briefs for student projects that address the priorities on this list--please contact the Research Team if you're interested.


Affiliate your Research Project with EWB- UK

If you are currently undertaking a project that falls within the ethos of EWB-UK you can apply to affiliate. By affiliating your project, it shows that we think your project is great and that you can have access to certain benefits and support. 

Once you have finished your work we will review it and disseminate it as much as we can. This will mean that your research can have a great impact and be available to those who can use it! We hope that you agree, this is one of the primary reasons to work in this area: to make a difference!


Get involved!

The EWB-UK Research Programme is run by a team of motivated and diverse students, graduates and professionals who are vital to its success. We are always looking to improve our contribution and for new members to join our team.
More information about the team and volunteering with us.

If you have any other enquiries and can't find the answer here, please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to help you.


Past research

A collection of past research papers done in collaboration with EWB-UK can be found on our Scribd account at:


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