Livestream interview with Doug Harper, the new Chief Exec

Thursday 23rd October, 1:15pm

The Global Dimension in Engineering Education (GDEE) programme, of which EWB-UK is a partner, will be awarding seven €3000 awards to individual who integrate sustainable humanitarian development in technology or engineering education.

EWB-UK launched EWB Challenge 2014/15 for universities in the UK and Ireland in what will be its biggest year to date. This year 23 universities signed up to take part in the Challenge. During the next academic year over 3,500 students are expected to participate in the programme.

This year, EWB UK is sending 25 placement volunteers to 12 countries across Africa, Asia and Latin America. Our volunteers are setting off to work with our partner organisations to have a direct impact on reducing poverty in their communities while learning how to best use their engineering skills to remove barriers to human development.
Consider supporting the Placements Appeal 2014 to help us to ensure that this programme is a success this year and in the future.

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