The scale of the world’s most pressing problems is ENORMOUS.  

Engineering Has a Critical role to play in the solution.


For every 100 people in the world today:

Do not have adequate sanitation
Don't have access to clean drinking water
Have unreliable or no access to electricity
Live in a slum

We Inspire and support people to respond to global challenges.

We inspire

By changing the focus of engineering education, Engineers Without Borders UK is driving the creation of a globally responsible generation capable of sustainably addressing our future challenges.


We Support

We are enabling them to understand that engineering is intrinsically linked to human development and the functioning of society and we support them to use their skills on development projects around the world.


We Influence

Our members around the UK are influencing the future of the engineering profession to be about more than just an investment in technology for technology’s sake or an abstract application of maths and theory.


Some of Our Projects

Learn how we are making a difference and how you can get involved

News and Events

International Training Courses summer

5th August 2015

Members of Engineers Without Borders UK and the public are invited to participate in our partner’s international training courses. These…

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