The Engineering for People Design Challenge is an award-winning inter-university design competition, designed to help create a generation of graduates entering the workplace ready to tackle global challenges. The 2019-2020 academic year was the first year of the Engineering for People Design Challenge in the US, where over 200 students participated across 3 pilot universities.

Throughout the year, students worked through an immersive project-based learning experience to investigate the challenges faced by a real community and design a solution to meet the community’s needs. Top teams from each university submitted their designs to an international review panel and were then selected to present their designs in the US Grand Finals competition.

On the DaY

The US Grand Finals is the national competition’s culminating event celebrating the top student teams in the US. The event serves to inspire future global leaders by providing them with real-world experience and the opportunity to interact with engineering industry professionals.

The top four student teams will pitch their design ideas to a panel of expert judges. Throughout the event, we will also hear from the Makers Valley community and a variety of engineering industry perspectives about their experiences and the role of engineering in serving people and the planet. The event will conclude with the announcement of the 2019-2020 Engineering for People Design Challenge Winning and People’s Choice awards!

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Student design ideas

US2020-080 Communal Features for The Future, University of Nevada, Las Vegas

The design solution includes three proposals to improve the built environment in Makers Valley: a community plaza/park, an emergency tower, and an indoor–outdoor marketplace for the residents of Makers Valley. These proposals provide green space, allow people to come together in the community, and promote the local economy.

US2020-081 DAL Water, University of Nevada, Las Vegas

The design solutions proposes to repair and replace the pipes in Makers Valley as well as introduce a rainwater catchment system to provide an alternative source of water. This solution will provide Makers Valley with a dependable water system that is efficient in water conservation and water flow, ensures the people’s safety, and is cost-effective in terms of per capita spending.

US2020-082 Road to a Brighter Future, University of Nevada, Las Vegas

The design proposal involves implementing alternating solar and concrete bollards to improve the safety of pedestrians. These solar bollards, along with the concrete bollards, provide a protective barrier between vehicles and pedestrians. The solar bollards will shine bright during the night to help residents feel safe in their community.

US2020-083 Communal Housing for the Dense Population of Maker’s Valley Johannesburg, Colorado State University

This design focuses on cheap, modular housing for quick construction to provide extra housing space. The design uses shipping containers designed to house people. The units may stack on each other and provide shared living spaces similar to dorms on college campuses.

People's Choice Award

Explore the top four design ideas in the US and vote for the one you believe has considered its social, environmental, and economic impacts most effectively!

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Judges Biographies

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Student Design Ideas

Explore the design ideas from the Engineering for People Design Challenge 2019/20!

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Engineering for People Design Challenge 2019/20 Grand Finals

The Engineering for People Design Challenge Grand Finals provides an opportunity for student teams showcase their design ideas to an expert panel of judges, with specific focus given to the social, environmental and economic aspects of their engineering design.

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