We have an exciting opportunity for professionals to review innovative design concepts, submitted for the Engineering for People Design Challenge. Your participation as an expert reviewer will make an invaluable contribution to the work we do by providing university students with professional feedback, helping to shape the engineers of tomorrow.

What is the Engineering for People Design Challenge?

During a pivotal moment in an undergraduate student’s career, the Engineering for People Design Challenge encourages individuals to broaden their awareness of the social, environmental and economic implications of their engineering solutions. Since 2011, the Design Challenge has been delivered in South Africa, UK, Ireland, Cameroon and the USA, to over 50,000 students.

“This was really a great opportunity to work with students to mould the future generation of innovation. I would recommend this to any engineer that wants to help younger engineers and students develop their ideas and abilities.”

Reviewers 2020

This is where you come in…

In order to make this experience as authentic as possible, we ask professionals to review the submissions. We welcome reviewers from any country in the world, providing you meet the following requirements:

  • Experience of working in one or more of the following design areas: Water, Sanitation, Energy, Waste, Built Environment, Transport, Digital, or Food and Land Management.
  • Ability to provide detailed, positive and constructive written feedback in English.
  • Availability to complete the reviews within a two-week review window (see phases below).

Next steps as a Reviewer

Apply to become an Engineering for People Design Challenge expert reviewer by choosing one of the phases below and completing our application form. Due to the international nature of the challenge, students submit based on differing academic year cycles.

In the form:

  • Select a thematic area you feel competent in assessing (Water, Sanitation, Energy, Waste, Built Environment, Transport, Digital, or Food and Land Management) as well as provide any complementary information as to your relevant experience in this area.
  • Specify your availability for one or more of the reviewer phases.
  • Specify the number of submissions you are able to review.

If successful in your application, you will:

  • Participate in the webinar briefings.
  • Review the student submissions sent to you against the provided Engineering for People Design Challenge marking criteria (90 mins per submission).
  • Provide constructive comments against each review criteria – remember you are reviewing students’ work!

Each submission will be reviewed twice (at least) to produce an average score. The scores will be used to select the top teams in each university to present at the Grand Finals event and be eligible for the various prizes on offer.

Find out more about the Engineering for People Design Challenge.

Phase One

Applications will close by 6 April 2022.

Apply here

Phase Two

Although this opportunity is currently closed you can express interest to be informed when it opens in September 2022.

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