Thank you for your interest in the development of Engineers Without Borders UK’s new strategy! 

We really value having the views and insights from a wide range of diverse individuals across our community. Whether you’ve been involved for the last 15-20 years or you only found out about us yesterday – every voice is important to us. 

Whilst we’d love to meet you all and discuss your ideas individually, we’ve tried to create a way for as many voices to be heard as possible in a manageable and equitable way.

We’ll soon be sharing some of the thoughts and ideas that have been submitted to inspire others (anonymously – so feel free to be as ‘out there’ as you like). And we’ll be using all of the submissions to help us build the next stage of our consultation process.

Thank you so much for taking the time to complete this online exercise – we hope you enjoy it.

Get inspired

We’re excited by how many people have contributed to our new strategy already. Explore the handful of fantastic insights from our community become inspired to contribute to the strategy development process.

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Take the journey with us to 2035

Engineers Without Borders UK was founded in 2004, since then, we have achieved and evolved a great deal. The purpose of this exercise is to consider how much we could achieve in the next 15 years if we plan our direction, expand our imaginative horizons and remove any concerns about any constraints we currently have (we’ll come back to those later).

Feel free to think big whilst taking part in this exercise

Grab a drink, clear your mind, and travel with us to 2035. You’ll need about 30 minutes to complete this exercise.

Want to find out more about our new strategy and why we’re doing it?

Go to our strategy home page to find out more.

The future: A new strategy 



Want to find out more about our current strategy? 

Today, millions live without access to safe basic resources yet in providing for the few that have, we’ve already overshot the limits of planet Earth. Find out about how embedding global responsibility into engineering is the agenda to redress this imbalance.

Our current strategy