Step one of our strategy development is a visioning exercise. For this exercise, we have asked for you to imagine you are in 2035 and you are reflecting on the achievements of Engineers Without Borders UK. See some of the responses we’ve received already and then take part to help shape our future.

What we achieved by 2035?


How did we get started in 2021?


Who is excited by our work?


What have our members been doing?


What is our culture like?


What we'll be doing next after 2035


The future: A new strategy

We are creating our new strategy for 2021 and beyond, and we want your input. What do we want the future to look like? What role will we all play? Learn more about our strategy consultation.

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Global responsibility in engineering

We need new ways for all human life to flourish so that other species and our home planet can too. A new engineering approach is an important part of achieving that.

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Can we engineer our way to a sustainable future?

With the deadline for the UNs Sustainable Development Goals only ten years away, it is time to not only consider what role engineers play in a more sustainable future, but time to act.

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