Kibera doesn’t have enough toilets or adequate flood defences. When it rains heavily, homes are damaged and raw sewage mixes with drinking water supplies, spreading disease.

Our engineers started working pro bono with the Kounkuey Design Initiative (KDI), a not-for-profit design and community development organisation, in 2012.

Our engineers used their knowledge of the latest software and digital tools for flood modelling and mitigation, their expertise in timber and concrete construction, and their experience of working on large projects in the UK.

Playgrounds and market squares

Together with KDI, we transformed polluted waste grounds into playgrounds and market squares. We created places people can come together, make a living, meet and do business.

A group of people sitting on a wall in front of a new building.

Sanitation and flood defences

We designed and built sanitation blocks, toilets and flood defences. We’ve also created hydrological maps to predict flooding in Kibera.

Disease is now less able to spread and water is safe to drink. Kibera is better protected from flooding during the rainy season, safeguarding people’s homes.

Building for the future

We helped KDI improve their internal systems too: electronic filing, finances, procurement and IT.

Our engineers transferred their knowledge and skills to KDI, so they can continue to improve the standard of living of the residents of Kibera.

Local engineers now have an increased ability to contribute to the community and have boosted their job prospects and earning potential at the same time.