Smoke from unhealthy ways of cooking results in over 4 million premature deaths a year, more than HIV and malaria combined.

It is women and children, who spend the most time near cookstoves, that suffer most.

Inefficient cookstoves require so much firewood they can lead to mass deforestation. And as wood becomes scarcer, the price rises, forcing families in some parts of the world to spend a third of their income on cooking fuel.

Prakti stove

Clean, efficient cookstoves

Prakti, a social enterprise in India, has come up with a revolutionary solution: clean, efficient cookstoves.

Our engineers have worked with Prakti to improve the design and streamline the manufacturing process of these cookstoves so they’re even cleaner, healthier and cheaper to produce.

We researched and tested new raw materials and coatings to make the stoves more durable, corrosion-resistant and cost-effective. This culminated in the release of Prakti’s cheapest and most efficient stove yet: the Ray Stove.

“Engineers Without Borders UK’s engineers are skilled with solid industrial experience. This allows them to add value to our work in a minimum amount of time. They have the right mindset to adapt to working in an environment that has limited tools or financial means.”

Moushine Serrar, Chief Executive of Prakti

Prakti’s cookstoves are at the forefront of revolutionising the way the world’s poorest people cook their food.

Health, finances and the environment

Prakti’s stoves are good for the people’s health, for their finances and for the environment. They need half the biomass fuel of open-fires, slashing the cost for families. They mean people, predominantly women, can spend less time gathering firewood and more time earning money. They reduce deforestation and the amount of smoke in the atmosphere.

We’ve helped Prakti develop their cookstoves and reach new markets. They have the potential to change millions of people’s lives around the world and help fight climate change.