Rwanda’s’s buildings aren’t made to withstand the shock of earthquakes and seismic architecture isn’t widely taught.

Engineers Without Borders UK and local partner MASS Design worked together to provide on-the-job training and mentoring to local construction workers, technicians and engineers in modern earthquake-resistant building techniques.

Stronger homes, schools and hospitals

Together, we applied these techniques to the construction of homes, schools, hospitals and other public buildings across Rwanda and east Africa, helping local engineers gain the knowledge and experience to take on future projects.

The country’s infrastructure is becoming increasingly able to withstand future quakes – saving lives and cutting the cost of post-disaster rebuilding.

Lasting impact

Our pro-bono engineers also trained MASS staff in international standards of seismic design, so they’re better able to pass on that knowledge without our support.

As more work becomes available and their skill-set grows, the job prospects of local engineers improve.