Unlocking local potential to improve access to clean safe water in the semi-urban village of Bambui.


Bambui is a small village in Northwestern Cameroon. Despite enjoying an atmosphere of peace and slight economic growth, the region is still considered to be one of the poorest in Cameroon, with 30% of its population living with less than $1 a day. Local residents lack access to safe and reliable water services and sufficient sanitation or the tools to practice good hygiene behaviors.

Without toilet facilities, the majority of the population defecate in the open air. With the local water becoming increasingly polluted, the 20,000 inhabitants of Bambui suffer disproportionately from debilitating disease.

Agricultural productivity is further reliant on water. For most poor rural families access to water therefore makes the difference between food during the dry season and malnutrition, and between productivity and abject poverty (Reignite).

Engineers Without Borders UK partnered with Reignite Action for Development who helped us team our volunteer, Martin, with the Bambui Water Authority (BAWA).

As well as vital water infrastructure community development work, Martin was able to having a lasting impact on two local graduates. Ensuring local residents have sustainable solutions, he delivered part of the graduate’s practical training scheme.

As a result BAWA saw immediate improvements to the monthly water quality reports and continue to grow their capacity to address local water issues.

Together with Reignite Action for Development, our work in Bambui is bringing local residents out of poverty and improving their livelihoods.

In 2015, Engineers Without Borders volunteers worked a staggering 32,054 hours on international projects, such as this one. With your help we are determined to help everyone everywhere have access to safe water, sanitation and hygiene.