In the UK, we face a chronic shortage of people becoming engineers. In order to meet the anticipated demand for engineers in 2022 an additional 180,000 people per year need to be inspired to take up a career in the sector. We believe that educating pupils on the social purpose of engineering will bring down the barriers in further study of STEM subjects.

Diversity in engineering remains poor, with women accounting for 9% of engineering employees. In addition, only 6% of engineers working in the UK are non-white. Engineers Without Borders UK are working with our Ambassadors to actively inspire the next generation of globally responsible engineers.

There are many barriers to pupils studying science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) subjects past GSCE level in the UK. Commonly, it is misconceived as fixing, mending, maintenance, messy, dirty and ‘more for boys’. Also, careers guidance for young people often doesn’t reveal the sheer diversity of skills and jobs in the engineering sector (The Institute of Engineering and Technology).

Engineers Without Borders UK have set out to raise the profile of professional engineering and inspire the next generation of engineers.

Joanna, a primary school Science Leader in Wandsworth, approached Engineers Without Borders UK to help her get pupils actively engaged in STEM activities with a careers focus. We were able to send an Ambassador with an engineering background to share their passion with pupils. The pupils took part in an interactive workshop we created to help them understand the social impact of engineering and diversity of transferable skills STEM subjects empower.

“The workshop brought real life dilemmas of sustainable energy into the classroom and also inspire pupils to consider careers in engineering” Joanna. 

By receiving the workshop, Joanna’s pupils are able to better understand their role as global citizens today and be inspired to be the globally responsible engineers of tomorrow.

This year, through the amazing work of Ambassadors, Engineers Without Borders UK has delivered workshops to over 1,000 pupils across the UK (2016). If you are interested in sharing your passion and knowledge of engineering, why not consider becoming an ambassador. Or if you would like to invite an Ambassador to give a workshop in your school or youth group then please find out more here.

It is with your generous support that we can recruit and train more Ambassadors, reach out to more young people and inspire the next generation of globally responsible engineers.