Engineering plays a pivotal role in everyday life and underpins our response to the global challenges of the 21st century. For a sustainable future engineers everywhere need to apply a globally responsible mindset and invest their skills and talent in engineering that benefits us all.  Discover one engineer’s journey from university ideas inspired by Engineers Without Borders UK to a career with global impact.

Tsanko took part in TsankoDimov_headshotEngineers Without Borders UK education initiative,The Engineering for People Design Challenge, in 2013 at the University of Liverpool. He was one of 4,700 engineering undergraduates that take part in the inter-university design competition every year.

The Engineering for People Design Challenge, gave Tsanko his first opportunity to appreciate real-world context and applications of his university degree. The program explores the pressure of economic limitations, manufacturing, transport challenges and safety concerns whilst considering the social, cultural and political context of engineering. These are the challenges engineers face daily.

Tackling problems like this helped Tsanko gain the transferable skills that have inspired him to take a role as engineer with a global outlook.

The most important thing for me was discovering the human element of engineering. This initiative made me aware of how engineers interact and engage with people, and made me consider our responsibility to them.”

After graduating, Tsanko took his career to Ghana, with an internship at the Sabre Charitable Trust. Here, he was able to apply his new approach to the delivery of a kindergarten school and ensure that the buildings are sustainable and beneficial to the community in the longer term.

Tsanko now works for global engineering consultancy Arup, working on engineering projects that will affect the lives of people all around the world. He has continued to bring a distinctive globally responsible mind set to his current role and provides a unique perspective in his team.

Participating in the Engineering for People Design Challenge changed the way Tsanko addresses issues in engineering, so that now he is able to invest his talent and skills into engineering that benefits the global community.

Since first being launched in the UK in 2011, the Engineering for People Design Challenge, runs at 26 universities across the UK and Ireland with over 4,600 students participating. It is with your amazing support we can inspire the generation of globally responsible engineers.