As a retired civil and structural engineer, Leigh Jones shares his passion with the next generation of engineers.

In the UK, we face a chronic shortage of people becoming engineers. In order to meet the anticipated demand for engineers in 2022 an additional 180,000 people per year need to be inspired to take up a career in the sector.

Diversity remains poor, with women accounting for 9% of engineering employees. In addition, only 6% of engineers working in the UK are non-white. Engineers Without Borders UK are working with our Ambassadors to actively inspire the next generation of globally responsible engineers.

With a passion and career background in development and engineering Leigh Jones was looking to share his experiences with young people and raise awareness around global responsibility and engineering. Like us, he believes that active learning in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) workshops is a really powerful way of promoting careers within these fields.

Engineers Without Borders UK have developed practical workshops that engage pupils with the impact engineers have on their everyday lives and the global society. After receiving training and workshop resources from Engineers Without Borders UK, Leigh has been delivering our workshops to secondary and primary schools.

“All my workshops so far have been followed with similar reactions: curiosity, interest, enthusiasm (particularly for the practical sessions). Excitement when the practicals work, and puzzlement, but not disappointment when they don’t! There are always warm good-byes!”

Through these partnerships with schools Leigh continues to shift the perceptions of professional engineers and build the confidence of young people from a variety of background through STEM activities. Leigh has even extended his impact on the next generation by arranging civil engineering career talks for sixth formers at a local college.

This year, through the amazing work of Ambassadors, such as Leigh, Engineers Without Borders UK has delivered workshops to over 1,000 pupils across the UK (2016). If you are interested in sharing your passion and knowledge of engineering, why not consider becoming an ambassador. Or if you would like to invite an Ambassador to give a workshop in your school or youth group then please find out more here.

It is with your generous support that we can recruit and train more Ambassadors, reach out to more young people and inspire the next generation of globally responsible engineers.