Our international work is defined by developing the capacity of individuals and communities to respond to the global challenges brought about by resource constraints, the effects of climate change, increasing urbanisation and a global population that is rapidly expanding.  We are strongly committed to building skilled technical capacity and, through the development of collaborations with partner organisations and UK engineers, our aim is to strengthen the environmental, social and economic resilience of communities.

The international component of our work provides an opportunity to;

  • Forge long term partnerships with in-country organisations who work within their communities to address local development challenges
  • Provide engineers who are interested in international development the opportunity to gain field experience

In order to increase the impact that we have in the communities in which we work we have decided to focus our work around three themes; energy, water and  sanitation, and the built environment.

PLEASE NOTE: We recently decided to take a short pause on recruiting for new partners and projects so that we can explore a wider range of international collaboration opportunities to be able to support more fantastic engineering around the world in the longer term. You can read more about that and find out how you can get involved in shaping our future here.