Water is a vital resource essential for our everyday needs. however, we are facing challenges in getting and maintaining access for people all around the world. engineering has a significant role to play in addressing these challenges.

‘Water for Everyone Everywhere’ is a workshop designed to encourage pupils to explore the  challenges associated with access to safe and clean drinking water for people all around the world. Pupils learn about the importance of water in our everyday lives and the role that engineering infrastructure plays in the distribution of water. Pupils design, build and test their own water filter as part of this workshop. This workshop builds on the recent Sustainable Development Goals and the concept of global citizenship.

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  workshop summary     

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Primary School:                 Primary School:                   Primary school:                  Primary school:
Facilitators Pack              print outs                             Workshop Slides                 slide notes 

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secondary school:            secondary school:             Secondary school:              Secondary School:
facilitators pack              print outs                             Workshop slides                  Slide Notes

WfEE- Faciliators Pack 2            WfEE - PrintOuts 2                  WfEE - Slides 3  SlideNotes              WfEE - Slide Notes

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