Through our Outreach initiative we aim to inspire the next generation of globally responsible engineers, engineers that know they can have a huge impact on the sustainability of our future and the well-being of everyone, everywhere.

 Our workshop resources for Ambassadors encourage young people to explore the most pressing human development issues, and inspire them to reflect, discuss and realise how they can be part of the solution by becoming engineers. The workshops extend young people’s real-world understanding, application of knowledge, and skills and encourage them to become more globally responsible citizens.  The workshops span a variety of curriculum areas and can also broaden the impact of SMSC (spiritual, moral, social, cultural) development of pupils or work related learning schemes.

There are currently two workshops, Water for Everyone Everywhere and Power for Everyone Everywhere. Each one focuses on a specific human need and highlights the role that engineering plays in addressing it. Both workshops have a resource designed for Primary and a resource designed for Secondary level education. Each resource includes all the information you need to deliver the workshop. There is a Facilitator’s Pack, Slide Notes, Slides and Printouts. It is important that you read through the instructions and guidance provided so that you are well prepared for delivering the workshops in the classroom. There is also a summary sheet that gives you an overview of both the Primary and Secondary resources for quick reference.

We are pleased to inform you that we are now in partnership with the STEM Ambassador programme, increasing opportunities for young people in STEM together.  

If you would like an Engineers Without Borders Ambassador to deliver a workshop at your school, youth group or other event then please visit the STEM Learning website, find your regional contact and email or call to submit a request for an Engineers Without Borders Ambassador in your area.


EC logoThese resources have been funded by the European Union.

Interested in becoming an engineers without borders ambassador?