Our Education Team visit India

19th April 2018

Earlier this month, the Engineers Without Borders UK’s Education Team undertook a research and data collection trip in rural Tamil Nadu southern India, in preparation for the 2018/19 Engineering for People Design Challenge.

The Engineering for People Design Challenge is a national competition that invites students from participating universities from the UK to put the cog into cognitive, get their brains in gear and start generating ideas. The aim? Simple – to encourage and inspire globally responsible engineers of the future.

The Challenge uses project-based learning to provide the opportunity to learn and practice the ethical, environmental, social and cultural aspects of engineering design. Each year students are provided with detailed report on a specific real world location. The students are tasked to define a brief and propose a context driven solution to some of the challenges facing a community from different area of the globe.

Our research team have been collecting primary data for the competition which the students will use to inform their design and develop their ideas. The primary data is really critical element of the Challenge, through the provision of accurate and authentic information the students our introduced to some the real challenges they will face when the complete their education.

All week we were supported and guided by one of our International Partners, Pratki. We have been working with Pratki for the last five years providing significant pro bono support to aid in their development of energy efficient cook stoves which are produced and sold in southern India. Prakti’s knowledge of rural areas in Tamil Nadu has been invaluable in enabling us to collect data this year, introducing us to local communities and some of the social enterprises who are leading the way with innovative and sustainable products and initiatives.

To find out more about the Engineering for People Design Challenge or our International Partnerships head to the relevant areas of our website.

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