We are EWB University of Birmingham,, based at the University of Birmingham. We meet every Monday to partake in a wide range of activities, including: offering to assist with Stem training, outreach activities, discussions on challenges facing engineers today, as well as social events and raising money for Engineers Without Borders UK. We have been fortunate to have Jon Wood (an inspirational Science Communicator) come to a meeting in order to encourage members to become STEM ambassadors and share his experience within outreach projects. We have also been working with Cameroon Catalyst, where members are currently working together in order to find a sustainable way to build latrines in Cameroon.

So far this year we have held an EWB University of Birmingham Band Night to raise money for Engineers Without Borders UK. A large number of local bands supported us and played a set in order to help raise money. The night was a great success, raising £150.

In addition, we held a joint social trip with the Nuclear Engineering Society to the Birmingham ThinkTank Science Museum. As well as meeting other members from our society, we strengthened our relationship with NucSoc whilst engaging in fun activities in the museum, going to the Engineering exhibits as well as the Planetarium.

Our two Outreach Coordinators Callum Hodson and Amy David have been running the outreach side of the society, creating strong links with local schools and organising several outreach sessions. They have also encouraged a great number of members to become ambassadors so they too can join these sessions. Running taster society sessions to show members the types of outreach activities on offer has stimulated a surge of interest in Stem training. So far we have visited two local schools with the Water for Everyone Everywhere workshop and have received very positive feedback.


  • President: Rachel Lynch
  • Vice President: Anastasia Pywell
  • Secretary: Ethan Knight
  • Treasurer: Tom Miskin
  • Outreach Coordinators:Charlotte Wellard and Danielle Workman
  • CamCat Coordinator: Kundai Sibanda
  • Publicity and Fundraising Coordinator: Beth Pearson


Socials: EWB University of Birmingham is planning to attend UoB’s Society night next term.

Meetings: As well as carrying on from last term we are planning on having joint meetings with other societies in order to understand how our societies can help one another and how they apply to each other in the real world. We are also planning on having an external speaker from industry in order to talk about how sustainable engineering is vital in today’s society.

Fundraising: After the success of our Live Music Night we are planning another for next term in order to raise more money for Engineers Without Borders UK.

Outreach: More school visits have been planned for the coming year as well as volunteering at the Big Bang Fair in Birmingham.


To get involved, please email us on [email protected]

You can also find out more on our Facebook page.