Our Chapter aims to embed globally responsible engineering alongside what we learn in the lecture hall, connecting students across our university. We’re part of a movement that is passionate about creating change in engineering. Our members can attend trips, get involved with projects and support outreach activities.

our committee

Our Committee is comprised of several committed students who make sure the Chapter is as successful as possible. They facilitate a range of events such as panel discussions and debates with academics and members of industry.

  • President: Juan Losada de la Lastra
  • Secretary: Hans Dyckerhoff
  • Treasurer: Zayn Rassam
  • Social and Engineering Projects Coordinator: Samuel Chapman

upcoming events and activities

We are currently looking into different projects including the Seabin, recycling of glass bottles and the Washing Machine Project, among others. Come meet us at the UoSouthampton Bunfight on Highfield Campus on the 25th of September!

get in touch or find us on Social Media

To get involved or to ask any questions please email [email protected]