Waste is produced daily by people going about their day-to-day activities and in Makers Valley it is no different. As there is a mix of residential and light industries many types of waste are produced in the area, from household waste such as food and plastics to local industrial waste which includes chemicals and metals as well as green waste. All of these waste streams have the potential to damage the local environment, contribute to unsightliness and cause health issues if not properly managed.

Throughout Johannesburg ‘PikitUp’ is municipal-owned entity that cleans streets and collects waste from individual black bins or larger communal bins (used by most flats). Most waste ends up in landfills as, according to the Department of Environmental Affairs (DEA), only 11% of all of South Africa’s waste is recycled and only 7% of the country’s hazardous waste is re-used or recycled.

Student teams from across the UK and Ireland created design solutions to address a challenge being faced in Makers Valley. Explore the submissions below and cast your vote for the People’s Prize

UK2020-146 University of East Anglia

Plastic Recycling Centre

The Plastic Recycling Centre requires volunteers and some employees to gather plastic either from the streets or just collect at home. At the centre the plastics will be sorted (HDPE and PET), stripped of labels, washed, then put through a shredder with Recycloacid which helps keep the plastic pure. The pellets obtained then go through the injection moulder and are formed into new products such as cups, mugs and cutlery. The centre turns disposable items into reusable items. The initial start-up would be a small, well-ventilated facility with a few hand-operated machines which can progress into a larger facility.